Grand Prairie Fire Department Hearts & Hoses

Mission Statement

The objective of GPFD Hearts & Hoses is to work in tandem with the Grand Prairie Fire Department to assist community members in crisis whose lives have been adversely affected by fire loss as well as promote camaraderie and solidarity within the Fire Department.

Article I Membership

Section 1 This organization shall be known by the name “GPFD Hearts & Hoses”.

Section 2 Membership will consist of individuals whose name appears on the official GPFD Hearts & Hoses Roster.

Section 3 Requirements for consideration for membership

– Significant other of a Grand Prairie Fire Department Firefighter- Daughter or Son of a Grand Prairie Fire Department Firefighter- Mother, Father, Brother or Sister of a Grand Prairie Fire Department Firefighter

– Wife/Husband or Daughter/Son (Step children included) of a retired member of the Grand Prairie Fire Department.-Member of the Grand Prairie Fire Department – Must be 18 years of age.

-Spouse and Children (18+) of deceased Grand Prairie Firefighter

Anyone in the community holding a desire to be an active participant towards our goal of helping the Grand Prairie community, and GPFD firefighters.

– Must complete membership “Membership Application/Contact Sheet” Section

-Dues of $32.00 will be due annually

In Good Standing Membership:

In Good Standing Membership Minimum Requirements

– Any member of “Good Standing” that brings harm to the purpose, and image of the organization may have their respective membership suspended by means of a seconded motion and a 2/3 vote of the organization at meeting.

-Members must be current on their annual dues ($32.00) to maintain a good standing membership. All GPFD employees are exempt from paying dues.

– While this organization will recognize that not all members will be available to participate equally, it is expected that all members will maintain a relatively active organization role.

-Members of the Grand Prairie Fire Department will not be eligible to hold office on the GPFD Hearts & Hoses but may serve on the organizations committees.  Grand Prairie Fire Department Members will hold zero voting rights.

Article II Business Meeting

Section 1 The regular business meeting shall be scheduled quarterly. Date and time will be announced on the GPFD Hearts & Hoses website (www.gpfdheartsandhoses. com). Meetings will also be held on an as needed basis per discretion of the board. A meeting may be re-scheduled, or an emergency meeting scheduled at the discretion of the organization officers.

Section 2 Business meetings date and time will be announced on the GPFD Hearts & Hoses website ( The location of each meeting will be established prior to the close of preceding meeting.

Section 3 Meetings shall be conducted orderly and discussions and business transactions of all meetings shall be deemed confidential.

Section 4 All members must remember that meetings will be a time to conduct organizational business in pursuit of our mission. Regular attendance, arrival before the scheduled start time, and meetings void of any distractions are vital to a productive meeting worthy of all our time.

Section 6 Members of the Grand Prairie Fire Department may attend all meetings but hold zero voting power, and must be recognized by the officer presiding to address the membership. 

Section 7 Order of Business

1. Roll Call – Officer Presiding

2. Reading of minutes from previous meeting – Secretary

3. Treasures Report – Treasure

4. Committee Reports – Committee Representative

5. Unfinished Business – Officer Presiding/Membership

6. New Business – Officer Presiding/Membership

7. Date/Time/Location of Next Meeting (if known) – Officer Presiding/Membership

8. Adjournment

Article III Election of Officers / Officer Duties

Section 1 Officers shall be elected by ballot at the first regular meeting in December of each year, to take office at the first regular meeting of the following January.

Section 2 Each term shall run for one year, with no term limitation.

Section 3 In the event of one (1) nomination for an office, the nominee shall be deemed elected, following a motion and second to the motion.

Section 4 At the meeting following the annual election, all officers shall turn over to their successors all books, papers, keys or any other properties of the organization.

Section 5 The following Officer Positions will be filled, as listed in descending order.

1. President

2. Vice President

3. Secretary

4. Treasurer

Section 6 A committee to audit Treasurer financial records will be elected no sooner than the first of December with a completed audit before the first of the following year.

Section 7 All members excluding Members of the Grand Prairie Fire Department will be entitled to one vote. Whenever there is more than one nomination or an officer position vote will be conducted per closed ballot.

Section 8 A member interested in holding an Officer position, but is unable to attend the December election meeting, may express his/her desire for nomination to any standing Officer. The Officer will submit the member’s name as a nominee.

Section 9 Any member excluding Members of the Grand Prairie Fire Department may be nominated for an officer position.

Section 10 If an elected Officer is unable or does not fulfill the duties of his/her respective office, the position may be filled by means of an appointment of the President.

Section 11 President

Presides over all business meetings

Preserves order of all meetings

Represents the interest of the organization to the Grand Prairie Fire Department Fire Chief

Liaison between the Grand Prairie Fire Department and the Grand Prairie Firefighter Association

Section 12 Vice President

Serves the duties of President, in absence of the President

Serves as appointed by the President

Acts as committee organizer

Section 13 Secretary

Maintains accurate accounting of all meetings and proceedings preserves all papers and books of the organization

Conducts and records roll call of all members at business meeting

Section 14 Treasurer

Accepts all moneys of the organization and deposits in the organization’s checking account no later than the next business day

Pays all debts of the organization at the direction of the President

Provides a full financial status report at each business meeting

Completes and Files all tax related documents

Section 15 All Officers

All Officers are expected to attend all business meetings.

All Officers are expected to set the example for active membership

Section 16 Members of the Grand Prairie Fire Department

-Members of the Grand Prairie Fire Department will not be eligible to hold an office on the GPFD Hearts & Hoses but may serve on auxiliary committees.  Grand Prairie Fire Department Members will hold zero voting rights.

Article IV Committees

Section 1 Appointed committee members shall hold at least one meeting within thirty days after their appointment or election. Assignment of committee will be approved by the board.

Section 2 The organization may establish, as deemed necessary, the following committees.  Board members will be involved in all committees. All decisions need to be approved by a vote of the board. The organization shall not be limited to the following list of committees.

Auditing Committee: Examine and audit the accounts of the Treasurer and report in writing the results of its examination at the first regularly scheduled business meeting of the year. 

By-Laws Committee: Formulate and present proposed changes of the By-Laws to the members. 

Fund Raising Committee: Assess and determine annual fund raising events. 

Membership Committee: Pursues new ideas that will recruit and promote to provide a full roster of active members.

Article V GPFD Hearts & Hoses– Business Organizational Chart

Section 1


Vice President




Article VI By-Laws

The By-Laws of this organization may be amended only at a regular meeting and only upon the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present. The proposed amendments having been presented in writing, signed by the members of the By-Laws Committee, and Board Members.

Article VII Membership Conduct

Section 1 Willful violation of By-Laws or duties of this organization, loose talk, improper behavior at response scenes, in the fire station, or during any fire department function, could be just cause for termination of membership.

 Section 2 All members are expected to conduct themselves in an ethical and legal manner. 

Section 3 No member will obligate the organization for payment or provision of goods or services which may assume the authority of the Organization has been given, without approval by the membership. 

Section 4 This organization prohibits discrimination in membership or other activities based on race, religion, sex, national origin, or physical handicap. 

AS OF 9/11/2013

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