H&H In Action

September 2022

GPFD Hearts & Hoses a donated a Kate Spade purse, Kendra Scott jewelry & volunteered at the live concert & raffle for the Grand Prairie Firefighters Association Benevolence Fund.

July 2022

The residents at the home on  Claremont were assisted by GPFD H&H after a house fire with cash, and a hotel stay.

July 2022

GPFD H&H had a painting party for the spouses of GPFD employees at the EPIC. It was a wonderful time of camaraderie and laughter!


March 2022

GPFD H&H assisted the family from the house fire on Country Rd. with our customary assistance package.

December 2021

Gave GPFD employees FD Christmas ornaments as a small token of appreciation for everything they do!


September 2021

GPFD Hearts & Hoses donated purses & volunteered at the live concert & raffle for the Grand Prairie Firefighters Association Benevolence Fund.

July 2021

Hearts & Hoses supported the family from the fire on Mirado with hotel stay, gift cards, cash, and clothing from Trusted World.

April 2021

We helped 2 families from a fire on 23rd street with hotel stay, clothes, gift cards, & cash.

January 2021

GPFD H&H assisted the family from the house fire on La Fiesta DR with our customary assistance package & clothing from Trusted World.

November 2020

Did a sock & underwear drive for our partner charity, and sent over 1,270 packages of socks & underwear to Trusted World.


March 2020

GPFD Hearts & Hoses aided the family on Furlong with gift cards, hotel stay, cash, and clothing provided by Trusted World.

January 2020

The resident at the home on SW 5th was assisted by GPFD H&H after a house fire with cash, a gift card, and a hotel stay.

September 2019

GPFD Hearts & Hoses helped the family from the house fire on Claremont with gift cards, hotel stay, cash, and clothing provided by Trusted World.

August 2019

H&H assisted the family from the house fire on Chickapoo with gift cards, cash, hotel stay and clothing supplied by Trusted World.

July 2019

Clothing drive for Trusted World

BIG thank you to everyone that donated to our clothes drive for Trusted World. We were overwhelmed with the great amount of participation, and are so grateful for your generosity.

January 2019

GPFD H&H invited Chaplin Steve Calvert to teach his spouse class “In For The Long Haul” to our GPFD Wives & Fiancées. 

February 2018

GPFD H&H helped 3 families from the two alarm fire at the Serrano Creek Apartment fire with cash, &  gift cards.

January 2018

Hearts & Hoses helped this family from the 300 block of W. Grenoble Dr. with cash and gift card.

House fire heavily damages house in the 300 block of W. Grenoble Dr. that killed four dogs. ©Bob Fitch – 2018

October 2017

Hearts & Hoses assisted the displaced family from the fire on Ave. C with temporary housing, clothing, personal items and other needs.

November 2016


11/5/2016 House fire on 4th street. GPFD H&H helped the family with hotel for a few nights, clothing, furniture, house goods, cash & gift card.

July 2016


7/2016 House fire on Dorothy. GPFD H&H helped the family with gift cards, cash & clothing.

February 2016


Photo by Grand Prairie Police

2/14/16 Fire on SW 16th. Cash, gift card, and food donated to family.

November 2015

 Single apartment  fire on  Westchester. GPFD Hearts & Hoses donated linens, clothes, cash, and a gift cards to the Coleman Family.

October 2015

10/23/15  house fire on  Channing. GPFD Hearts & Hoses donated linens, clothes, cash, and a gift cards to the Molina Family.
10 16

10/16/15 house fire on Ellis. GPFD Hearts & Hoses donated clothing, shoes, cash, and a gift cards to the Altom Family.

July 2015

7/7/15 GPFD arranged for a family to get donated; washer, dryer, tables & chairs. A generous GPFD FF Snow hooked the washer up for the family.

June 2015


6/14/15 house fire on Christopher street. GPFD Hearts & Hoses donated clothing, toys, bedding, cash, and a gift cards to the Torres Family. As well as 1,000 sq ft of heavy plastic to cover a few pieces of salvageable furniture before it began to rain.

May 2015

Assisted a resident of the Wright Sr. Apartments  clean, and move out of her apartment that had recently been damaged by a fire.

January 2015

Fire Skyline Rd

1/30/15 house fire on Skyline Rd. GPFD Hearts & Hoses donated clothing, cash, and a gift card to the father and son.

1/02/15 house fire at Gregory Ln. GPFD Hearts & Hoses donated donated cash, and a gift card to the family.

December 2014


12/29/14  W. Coral Way GPFD H&H donated cash,  gift card, clothes, small personal items to the family.

12/08/14  Balla Way. GPFD H&H  coordinated getting the house boarded up after the fire.

November 2014

Apt fire


11/12/14 Fairways Apt, Hwy 360.  GPFD donated cash,  gift card, jackets & clothes to the Ray Johnson Family.

11/08/14 Strong Pky. Garza Family. GPFD H&H donated cash, gift card, & clothes to the family.

September 2014


09/16/14 Blanca Gonzales Family. 500 Block of Royal. Family was given, gift card, clothes, furniture, and household items from GPFD H&H.

Message from Blanca:

First of all me and my family want to thank you for helping us out in this hard time that we went through , thanks to yall it was easier to go through this hard time . I dont got words to thank yall . But I just want to tell yall that god will be in charge of blessing yall with more things . Thank you so much .
-We love you .
Espeacially to tammy . Who was like and angel helping us through this hard time .

August 2014

8/1/14 Kathryn Dr.- Family was given a  gift card,  cash, and clothing from GPFD H&H.

Aberdean Trail
08/14/14 Aberdean Trl. Martinez Family was given cash, gift card, and clothes by GPFD H&H.

January 2014


Article by:Bob Fitch/ Grand Prairie Reporter

Fire destroys family’s home

A fire that broke out around 8 am Thursday morning destroyed a family of four’s home in the 1100 block of Shawnee.

Crystal Parker, daughter of the homeowner, said her twin thirteen year-old siblings were at home waiting for their dad to carry them to school when they smelled smoke.

Parker said her brother discovered the fire in a storage area. He tried to put it out with a fire extinguisher, but was unable to control the fire.

After calling 911, the two went to a neighbor’s home.

Assistant Fire Chief Bill Murphy said no one was injured in the fire that destroyed the interior of the house. He said the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Chief Murphy said due to today’s high winds, fire crews would be standing-by the structure for several hours to make sure the fire does not rekindle.

Hearts and Hoses is assisting the family with some of their immediate needs.

01/30/14 Clarice St. Cash, and gift card were given to the family.

December 2013

12/09/13 Miller Family Wahoo Trce. Cash and gift cards donated from community and H&H. Clothes, diapers, and small personal items were also donated. Click here to view the news broadcast.

“I spoke with you earlier today regarding my sister and her family. I just wanted to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart. I went over there today and those boys had so much to tell me. They were so happy because they got jackets, beanies and back packs. They were so happy to show off things that we take for granted everyday. You are a blessing to that family and I really appreciate it.

Tasha McLaughlin”

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